Cameras with full-frame sensors matching 35mm, sized for the classic 35mm film we all used to use. Typically, cameras with 35mm full-frame sensors offer greater detail than their APS-C and Micro Four-Thirds siblings, but can also be more expensive overall.

The full-frame sensor of the Nikon Z7

What is a full-frame camera?

There's a buzz word in cameras picking up speed right now, and with many cameras on the way that use it, we're not surprised. What is "full-frame", and how can it benefit you versus what other cameras use?

Email scams can threaten with videos, and the warning of a "sextape"

The Wrap – Security online and at home

A week of cameras and security news, ahead of what will likely be a phone free-for-all in the coming days. This week, check out what's new from Canon, D-Link, and how scammers are trying to trap you, plus a pair of JBL headphones reviewed.

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