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Netgear powers up WiFi 6 with more options

The next generation of wireless networking is faster, but you'll need a new router if you want support. Fortunately, Netgear has a few options ready to go.

Old MacBooks get a recall: are you affected?

If you're reading this on a 15 inch MacBook Pro that has been ageing gracefully, you might be in line for a free battery replacement.

The Wrap – What’s next in phones and more

What’s coming next from the world of the iPhone, Galaxy Note, and Pixel? And can lighting change the way you read and live life? Plus would you wear a pair of sunglasses if they were your headphones, too? Find out in five.

Amazon adds tone to Kindle to improve reading over the day

You know how your phone can change the colour of white as the day becomes night to help your eyes adjust? Well now the flagship Kindle can, too.
If there's one brand you can't associate with "cheap" in the camera world, it's definitely Leica. And yet this year, it has something that kind qualifies. Kind of. Sort of.
There are some seriously great Android phones out there, but they can be hampered if they get the wrong app, because there are a lot of fakes on the Play Store.
Not a fan of paying for excess downloads? The new crop of Telstra plans could be something you'll dig, but only if you don't mind being shaped.
Like to live a little dangerously and test out the latest operating systems on your phone, tablet, laptop, and possibly your TV? The 2019 Apple OS betas are live.
With the arrival of an SMS "informing" of a potential win, it's a good time to point out that scams don't really have a season, and are more a permanent year-round thing.