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Samsung’s QLED hits a big curved gaming screen

The whole curved TV thing kind of died out, but it has good uses, such as in computers, and if you like a screen that wraps around you, Samsung has two coming, one of which even gets QLED.

Transport NSW starts rolling out phone, wearable pay on buses

Public transport in New South Wales has support for tap on payment using various mobile payment services on phones and wearables, but the bus system has now. Fortunately, that's changing.

UE’s tiny WonderBoom pack more punch in version two

You might rely on your phone to play music when you're out and about, but there's an update to a pint-sized speaker that packs even more punch you might want to consider.

How to know when you’re seeing a JB HiFi SMS scam

Any day appears to be a good day for the JB HiFi prize scam to rear its head, and if you get an SMS from JBHiFi, you shouldn't click the link.
Two companies focused on teaching kids the importance of science, technology, and engineering are coming together, as Sphero acquires LittleBits.
Back when we reviewed the Lenovo Smart Clock, we wondered why it wasn't as fully featured as Google's Home Hub. Apparently now it is.
There's a new breed of computer chip on the way, as Intel updates its processing technology to deliver improved performance for on the go.
There were a lot of question marks hanging over how Google would name the next version of Android, but the company is moving past desserts altogether and settling with numbers only.
There’s so much choice in tech, but there’s even more this week, with Disney+, Intel, Dell, Epson, Samsung, and more. Find out how your choices get more interesting in five.