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The Wrap – Uber Air and Is 5G worth your time?

This week on The Wrap, we’ll take to the skies to talk Uber Air, look at what’s new from Beats and Bose, what’s in store for the next Xbox, and check out how 5G is going with Telstra and Oppo. All in five minutes.

Panasonic’s 2019 OLED TV flagship focuses on cinema quality

More than just more OLED goodness, the 2019 range of Panasonic TVs upgrade some of the underlying technology, with its flagship bringing the Panasonic brand Technics over for Atmos.

HP next premium laptop isn’t leather, but wood

Metal and plastic seem to be the materials of the modern laptop, but HP is dabbling in other options, and after trying out leather last year, this year's it's going for wood.

Motorola G7 Power reviewed

Need a phone that prioritises battery over everything else? The Moto G7 Power thinks a big battery makes for a better deal. Does it work out?
Those tiny microSD cards in your phone and camera are getting faster yet staying ultra small.
The next generation of mobile technology is here, but is it something worthwhile, or should you wait? Spoiler: probably not. Here's why.
The world is going wireless, and if you're looking to cut the cords to earphones this year, you might be able to do so for around the $100 mark.
Not sure if you have perfect posture? An update to a gadget made to deal with that is on the way.
The Oppo Reno 5G is Australia's second 5G phone, but it's our first 5G review. How does it shape up, and is it the most premium Oppo yet?