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Google Assistant assists seniors via voice control

You can talk to your phone, your speaker, and your computer, and that's great for controlling Spotify with your words, but what about a practical use: what about something that returns independence to people who might not be as tech savvy?

LG’s 2019 TVs bring 4K Ultra HD to screens of all sizes

4K Ultra HD is now the standard, and that means if you have a 1080p Full HD TV at home, it might be time to upgrade. Good thing the new TVs have started rolling in.

Android Q is in beta (and for developers)

It has no real name and no real release date, but if you like to live dangerously and have a Pixel smartphone, Android Q is kind of here.

The Wrap – The dawn of 8K

Your 4K TV is now out of date, but is an 8K worth it today? What will you even play on it? Find out with news and a new phone review in five minutes on The Wrap.