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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to launch as Australia’s first 5G phone

Back when 4G first launched in Australia, the first phone to support the technology was made by HTC. With the launch of 5G, it's all about Samsung.

Telstra ready for 5G in late-May

The 5G revolution begins as early as next week, as Australia's first 5G-ready telco sees its first 5G devices ahead of the middle of the year.

NAB, UBank add Apple Pay for mobile customers

If you're a customer of either NAB or UBank, and you have an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can leave your plastic cards behind and just start paying digitally.

Samsung’s Space monitor returns your desk space via clamp

You may live on your laptop, but a big monitor still likely sits on your desk taking up visual space. Not so with all, however, as Samsung reveals.
The world of 5G has arrived in Australia, and that means faster mobile internet, among other things. But will it cost extra?
There's lots of news about computers this week as Computex kicks off, and it starts with new chips from Intel.
If the idea of a phone is more complete with a proper physical keyboard at the bottom, BlackBerry's latest might be for you, and it's coming in models at three price points.
If you value megapixels and detail above all, the latest camera from Fujifilm will grab you, and then your wallet.
A touch of gold (or brass) and rose gold for audio gear this week, as two major players starting with "b" embrace metallic colours in special editions.