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A new standard: Huawei P30 Pro reviewed

Is the Huawei P30 Pro more camera than phone? Maybe, but one thing's for sure: Huawei's latest proves that it's setting a new standard in smartphone photography. Find out why.

GoPro launches a break and replace program

Adventurers aren't always so lucky with product durability, and anyone that has grimaced when their camera meets the sickening crack of the ground gets that. If it had been a GoPro, though, a replacement might have been free.

Can Bluetooth devices stop working if you stop using them?

You bought a Bluetooth gadget, and then you stopped using it for a time. Now you've gone back to revive it. What happens if your Bluetooth gadget won't turn on?

Panasonic’s latest Lumix brings 4K, weather-proofing to more

The phone camera may be steadily improving, but for folks looking for a 4K capable camera with weather-proofing, you may still need something else, and that's where Panasonic's latest comes in.
If you end up choosing a Hisense TV in 2019, regardless of which model you pick, you'll find a form of HDR and an assistant technology on-board.
Having trouble waking up? If you have a Philips Hue and a Google Home or Assistant helping you, you could bring the sunrise into your home. Kinda.
The first foldable phone will likely be Samsung's Galaxy Fold, but the phones are also breaking for overseas reviewers. Is it still destined for Australia?
A week of mobiles makes for a real game of phones, as we look at what’s new from Samsung, Xiaomi, and review Huawei’s P30 Pro. All that and more in five minutes on Australia's fastest technology roundup, The Wrap.
We live in a post-disc-drive world, what with all those disc-drive-less laptops, so why does the game system need one?