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Instagram likes change in Australia

You might not care about how many likes pictures get, but then you might, and if you do, you might not like how Instagram is shaking things up in Australia.

The Wrap – Better Batteries for Phones & More

This week on The Wrap, we’ll talk what’s happening in tech, talking Motorola, Samsung, Sony’s big new camera, and the battery problem in devices all around. All in five minutes.

Philips Hue adds light to entertainment with Play

If you've wish home lighting connected up with home entertainment, the latest addition to the Philips Hue range is all about those changes.

Nintendo’s new regular Switch has a better battery

The upcoming Switch Lite may not satisfy all mobile gamers, but if you crave more battery life on the Switch, a quiet update should get you that.
If you thought scammers were sticking to email and SMS to trick you, wait until you check your calendar.
Need something to charge that phone of yours somewhere other than home? Whether it's wireless or cabled, two companies have products this week.
If you're not sure you need the Blu-ray drive and prefer to keep your consoles streamlined, the digital-only Xbox is on the way.
Australia Post has sent you a message about a package, and then all of a sudden, you get another from them about a mystery prize. Is it real, and if not, how have scammers achieved this?
For the past few years, Telstra subscribers have been able to get their hands on Apple Music plans. Now, Optus has the offer.