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Android Q is in beta (and for developers)

It has no real name and no real release date, but if you like to live dangerously and have a Pixel smartphone, Android Q is kind of here.

The Wrap – The dawn of 8K

Your 4K TV is now out of date, but is an 8K worth it today? What will you even play on it? Find out with news and a new phone review in five minutes on The Wrap.

Apple’s 2019 Developer Conference set for early June

Not sure what the year looks like for macOS, iOS, and keen to see a new computer or two? There's a good chance you will in June.

Carmen Sandiego comes to Google Earth

Need a bit of a time waster today? Google might have one for you, with an online game that harks back to when you were younger and more likely to play an educational game.