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Apple retires the super-slim MacBook

If you've been as confused as us on why the slim 12 inch MacBook even existed, you don't need to think on it anymore. The standard MacBook is no more. For now, anyway.

Apple refreshes the MacBook Air, Pro 13 on price

The Apple 13 inch laptops in the Air and Pro line see some change this week, and price is a big part of that.

LG ready with a 4G almost flagship G8S

Halfway through the year, LG has a flagship, but it's 5G. If you don't care about the whole 5G side of things, LG has something else on the way.

DisplayPort 2.0 to push beyond 8K in 2020

If you thought 8K was the end of where TVs and monitor resolutions could go, think again. Next year, we could see even bigger.
Not sure if you want to give your kids access to a full bank account and card to pay for things? There's now an interesting take which is prepaid and wearable.
It's the middle of the year, and there have been some seriously good phones so far. But if you need to buy one now, what’s the best phone of 2019 so far, or should you just settle down and wait?
A clear champion has emerged in the noise cancelling headphone world, and now it has made something even smaller. Is the Sony WF-1000XM3 a pair you need to check out?
Is the future of public transportation driverless? It might be, and a city that isn't Sydney is trialling the tech now in something other than a train.
Getting a phone with a plan can often leave you spending a fair bit over time, but if you don't mind going outright and refurb, Boost might have you covered.