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Oppo opens service centre in Melbourne

If you're an Oppo owner in Victoria and your phone goes through drama, you won't just have to bundle it into a post bag and hope for the best.

B&O updates H9 noise cancelling headphones with assistants

It's not just the Bose or Sony headphones that can cancel out the world and get you talking to a voice assistant, because Bang & Olufsen has it, too.

What can you watch when Game of Thrones ends?

Game of Thrones has hit its final episode, so what will you watch now? We're taking a look at fantasy that could hold you until the next GoT show launches.

Google disconnects with Huawei following US trade ban

It's a bad start to the week if you're Huawei, with Google effectively pulling access to its apps and Android updates for one of the world's biggest smartphone companies.
Hickory dickory dock. Lenovo's releasing a clock. The clock says the time without a rhyme. Hickory dickory smart clock.
There’s good news and there’s bad news, all in five minutes. What’s happening to Huawei, and what new gear is on the way? Plus we’ll review a neat pair of headphones that tests your hearing.
A frustrating move by the US now leaves Huawei in a difficult position, and it might not be the only company left in the Trump administration's wake.
Ahead of the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference, there are new Macs out in the world, but the changes are only major if you opt for the 15 inch model.
A pair of headphones that tests your hearing? Yep, it's been done, and an Australian is at the heart. What makes Audeara's headphones so special, and are they a good choice?