Nikon turns 100, announces its next big camera

It’s rare that pre-announcements get our attention, but Nikon’s next camera has our attention, even if we only know a name. It’s 2017, and Nikon is turning 100, established on this day in 1917, though back then for optics rather than cameras. For its 100th birthday and anniversary, special edition cameras have been made available and cake has likely been

Google takes to the stars with ISS Street View

Few of us will ever make it past the stratosphere and venture into space, but thanks to Google’s Street View, we may not need to. While the feeling of weightlessness isn’t likely to be on the cards for most of us, we can at least see what the current astronauts on board the International Space Station get to experience courtesy

D-Link’s plugs play nice with Google Home

This week saw Google brings its Assistant to Australian households with Google Home, but you can keep making the home smarter with compatible plugs. Fresh from a a promise earlier on, D-Link has announced that its Smart Plug will talk to Google Home, making it possible for you to turn on and off devices around the home that happened to

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