the best noise cancelling headphones

Blocking the outside world is more difficult than it sounds. You can always throw a finger in each ear, but why do that when technology can help?

The world of noise cancelling headphones can assist, and these days, you can find noise cancelling headphones without the cords, letting you stay in your own noise-less bubble more easily. But which pair offers the best noise cancelling experience, and what will suit your wallet?

Originally developed for flights and expanded to include other types of sound, noise cancellation headphones have expanded their use to other locations, as well.

While the technology was initially intended to focus on the whir and hum of a big jet engine, these days the best noise cancellation technologies focus on congregated sounds that can be cancelled out.

Some of the sounds that can be cancelled out include:

  • Aircraft noise
  • Buses and trains
  • White noise
  • Human traffic (humans collectively talking, though it will be quelled, not cancelled)


It’s worth understanding before you dive into a pair of noise cancelling headphones that with the current technology, no pair of noise cancelling headphones will entirely block and remove everything. Noise isn’t just people around you, and it’s not sound happening all the time. Noise is a collection of noise, and the technology in the best noise cancelling headphones will hone in on collected noise, though may be able to adapt to different situations.

What is adaptive noise cancellation? The next generation of noise cancellation technology is built to be adaptive, in that it actively monitors your environment or can be triggered to change what sounds it is cancelling out. While previous noise cancellation technology focused on specific sounds and spectrums, the future won’t have you wondering what to do, and will deal with outside sound in an algorithmic way.

We’re always writing about sound at Pickr, so this is just a starting point. Check out the news and reviews on noise cancelling headphones below to help you get find what you’re looking for.