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Satechi readies several accessories for your desk

Need a new keyboard or a way to expand your laptop on your desktop? There’s a CES launch covering that, too.

CES isn’t just about the big ticket items, like a transparent TV or an indoor smoker, or even a digital cat flap to protect your home from unwanted dead mouse gifts. There are also little things launched at the show which you might see on your desk later on.

Satechi offered a few of those at the world’s biggest tech show, surfacing a gadget to keep all your devices charged while you’re travelling, a couple of new stands, and even a keyboard.

In the charging space, we’re expecting movement from most accessory and peripheral manufacturers thanks in part to the introduction of Qi2, what is ostensibly Apple’s MagSafe for Android, too. With Qi2 coming to more phones this year, devices will be able to snap on to charges easily, giving that almost magical sense of magnetic wireless charging.

Satechi will join Belkin’s offerings here, delivering Qi2 wireless chargers with support for an Apple Watch, a kind of irrelevant inclusion for Android owners, but handy given the iPhone 15 supports Qi2 and MagSafe.

If you’re travelling, Satechi will also have a 145W USB charger that includes four ports using the Gallium Nitride technology known more commonly as “GaN”. The Satechi 145W USB-C GaN Travel Charger is kind of like a compact version of the 200W model we reviewed last year, but with an easier plug and a little less power. That said, it should be able to handle meaty laptops, and could be easier to bring than several chargers on your next trip.

The company is also updating its Mac Mini stand from a few years ago, now supporting both the M2 Mac Mini and the M3 Mac Studio, complete with an NVMe solid state storage expansion bay that should work with current SSDs, one of the issues we found in the older generation.

There’s also a slim hub to expand devices that support Thunderbolt 4, covering high wattage charging of several devices and up to 8K video output from a small device on your desk.

And finally, if you fancy a compact keyboard but prefer it to be mechanical, Satechi has one of those on the way in a slimline backlit Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, which can work across Windows and Mac.

Unfortunately, like most CES announcements, there’s no word yet on pricing or availability for Australia, but we suspect most if not all of these should trickle out to Australian retail and online in the coming months.

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