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GE builds a meat smoker you can use indoors

Keen to smoke yourself some meat but don’t want to go outside to do it? There’s about to be a gadget made for that, it just might not come to Australia.

The world’s biggest technology show is home to lots of things, from TVs to headphones to power and more, and kitchen tech is often a part, as well. And sometimes, it’s the kitchen tech that makes an appearance that surprises you the most, which may well be the best way of describing something GE Appliances has been cooking up.

A little bit different from the regular CES fare, GE has been working on a smoker you can use from inside the house that won’t clog up your home with the smoke you expect from that sort of BBQ, building an indoor smart smoker for meats.

Looking a little like an elongated microwave of sorts, the GE Profile Smart Smoker apparently uses a smoking process from inside of a sealed box, allowing people to smoke indoors using wood pellets and preset food settings that you can set.

The Smart Smoker can reportedly handle quite a bit of meat, including a whole chicken or up to 40 chicken wings, or if you feel inclined, up to three racks of baby back ribs, and the shelves are dishwasher safe, at that.

The word “smart” is also there, which means the cooker is an app-connected device, allowing people to check the status of food being cooked remotely without being home, complete with over-the-air updates.

As to whether it will be made available in Australia, that remains to be seen. GE does have appliances available in Australia, though usually in the category of whitegoods. Its owner, Haier, also offers appliances locally, as well, so it is entirely possible that GE’s smoker will launch locally eventually.

In the US, the Smart Smoker looks set to cost $999 USD, suggesting if it ever did launch in Australia, it would cost closer to the $2K mark. Here’s hoping that happens, because the idea of an indoor smoker is an interesting one that could disrupt BBQ locally.

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