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Belkin kickstarts 2024 with Qi2, GaN power

MagSafe is still a big deal, but if you buy a new Android phone this year, you’ll also get Qi2, and Belkin is ready with accessories.

For the past few years, Apple has been rocking wireless charging with magnetic connections in a technology known as “MagSafe”, and Android folks have missed out. Two parts science that can be confused for a little bit of magic, it’s wireless charging and its best, and difficult to go back once you’ve experienced it.

The idea has been around since the iPhone 12 a few years ago, when Apple added a ring of magnets around the wireless charging mechanism of the iPhone, making it possible for an iPhone to be held in place exactly where the wireless charger needed to be, and keeping the charge consistent.

It’s a stark difference from the way other phones use wireless charging. Older iPhone made before the iPhone 12 have been stuck in much the same way as wirelessly charged Android models, forced to leave their phones in hopefully the right location of a wireless charge pad, which may or may not give the best use of wireless charging power.

But all of that looks set to change with the launch of Qi2, the next implementation of the Qi wireless charging standard, which borrows the magnetic ring of MagSafe and makes it available for more than just iPhones. The updated standard was made official last year, but we’re only seeing the new accessories now, and here’s what you have to look forward to.

As expected, Belkin has a few ready for release, with the BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Magnetic Stand offering a slightly softer take on the 3-in-1 we saw in 2022, supporting Qi2 which is on the iPhone 15 range, plus an adjustable hinge for the phone, so you don’t need to rest the mobile in one specific orientation.

There is also an Apple Watch charging pad, which will be largely irrelevant for any Android buyers, but there is also a third charging pad at the bottom.

Set to be available in Australia in March, the Belkin Qi2 Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 will cost $229.95 locally, and will be joined by three Qi2 magnetic power banks that work with supported iPhones and Qi2 Android models alike.

Belkin will make three models, each with an integrated kickstand, offering a 5K Qi2 power bank for $99.95, an 8K model for $119.95, and a 10K variant for $149.95 in Australia.

And finally, Belkin is showing one other new power device at CES 2024, with the BoostCharge Pro 4-port 200W GaN charger, which is basically a wired 4-port charger offering a maximum of 200W for charging up to four devices at once.

That could be 140W on one port and 60 on another, or the full 200W spread out over the four ports. It’s really dealer’s choice, and expected this year in Australia for $189.95.

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