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Huawei, Devialet collaborate for Bluetooth sound to go

Huawei’s connection with luxury sound brand Devialet looks set for another round, as the pair build a portable Bluetooth speaker.

It’s not as if the world needs yet another portable Bluetooth speaker, but since every company seems to have at least one, why not get one from a luxury sound specialist, at that.

Huawei may not be that luxury sound specialist, but Devialet sure is, and alongside a couple of tablets being launched at Mobile World Congress this week, Huawei is also talking a bit about a speaker it has worked on with Devialet.

You mightn’t have heard much about this French brand, but a few years ago, it produced a large and in charge speaker called the Phantom, aiming to deliver sound without distortion.

While the company hasn’t seen a huge amount of releases in the consumer space, in the past couple of years, it teamed up with Belkin for one speaker, and Huawei for something else, and the collaboration with the latter still seems to be a thing.

This year at MWC, it appears to continue, with Huawei’s “Sound Joy” continuing things, delivering a four-speaker portable sound maker bringing up to 26 hours of battery life in an IP67 water resistant design reminiscent of the UE Boom, but with hardware by Huawei and sound by Devialet. Curiously, the speaker apparently runs on Huawei’s HarmonyOS, so we’ll be curious what if anything this brings to a speaker, and not say a phone or tablet.

Huawei hasn’t said much about the speaker, such as pricing or Australian availability, which seems to be in line with typical Mobile World Congress announcements, but once we hear more, we’ll let you know.

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