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Razer revamps Kishi mobile controller for V2

A new game pad option for mobile gamers with Android is on the way from Razer, and there’s an iPhone-friendly option coming, as well.

It’s been two years since Razer released its Kishi gamepad accessory for Android, but version two is on the way, focusing on gamers keen on playing on their phones.

You know the sort, because it could be you. With mobile gaming systems pretty much limited to just the Nintendo Switch these days, given neither Sony nor Microsoft make a video game system to go, it’s no surprise so many are turning to their phone.

The titles are there, the phone is always with you, and so adding a set of controls better than simply using the touchscreen is definitely one way to keep a console-like experience with you where ever you go.

Accessory makers can get you doing this with a clip and a BYO console controller from something like an Xbox, handy if you’re planning to tap into the power of Xbox Cloud Gaming, but there are other options, with controllers that wrap around phones.

They’re not new, but Razer is updating its take on the area, coming in the Kishi V2, a variant that improves on the first Kishi phone game controller with a more stable design and support for more phones, something the company basically says is “universal smartphone compatibility”.

In short, the Kishi V2 is compatible with most major phones on Android, including Samsung’s Galaxy S range, the previous Note models, Google Pixel devices, and of course the phones Razer makes.

Essentially, provided your phone uses the Type C connection, that is likely to be the case, with the Kishi V2 built for recent Android phones, though an iPhone model is on the way, as well. It’s not likely to support massive tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, but big phones appear to be something you’ll be able to attach it to.

There’s also a change to the buttons, with a share button to let you grab images and videos of in-game action on phones, and share that with friends later, while multifunction buttons can be mapped in Razer’s Nexus app.

“The original Razer Kishi blew the doors open for a new category of console-quality controls for the mobile gaming market, and we’re thrilled that Kishi V2 is pushing that experience forward in every possible way,” said Richard Hashim, Head of the Mobile and Console Division for Razer.

“With the cutting-edge technology that we’ve packed into Kishi V2, players can now enjoy the same look and feel of their favorite console and PC games wherever they go without skipping a beat,” he said.

Android gamers keen to play can expect the Kishi V2 soon in Australia, arriving for $169.95 locally. Meanwhile, iPhone gamers may need to wait a little longer, with an iOS Kishi V2 arriving later on.

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