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Apple Music hits 100 million songs

How much music is available for you to pick from on Apple Music? The answer is in the title.

There’s clearly no shortage of headphones out in the world, and no shortage of devices to connect them to, with the same true of things to listen to.

Whether you tune into YouTube, podcasts, radio services, or all-you-can-stream buffets for your ears like Spotify or Apple Music, you have choices, however you mightn’t realise just how much you have on that last one.

Back in 2020, Spotify noted that it hosts over 70 million songs, but two years on, that number could well be even bigger, especially given what its rival Apple Music has touted this week, announcing that it has 100 million songs available to listen to.

Apple’s expansion of its music catalogue has possibly come from acquiring classical music services while also offering DJ mixes, something rivals haven’t quite jumped into, and then there’s support for Dolby Atmos tracks, again something that you can only find on a handful of services.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s claim to 100 million songs came from its global team, and while it may list 100 million globally, you mightn’t find that covers every song or album locally. In fact here in Australia, we’ve found some albums and songs go walkabout due to licensing differences, which means that while it’s possible those songs may be included in the 100 million available in America, living in Australia or New Zealand may mean you miss out on playing those, even if you own the CD.

Hopefully that changes over time, especially as the catalogue expands to go beyond that massive 100 million number listed this week.

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