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Apple expands Dolby Atmos to DJ mixes

Nightlife may well be returning to normal, but if you’re looking for a more spatial sound to listening to DJ mixes where ever, Atmos is coming to sounds of the club.

Apple has been bolstering its music catalogue over the past year, what with the addition of a classical music service, inclusion of more electronic and DJ mixes, and even support for the spatial audio offered by Dolby Atmos, something its headphones support. That’s all something, and this week, we’re seeing some more love.

In a combination of the latter two, DJs are joining the world of spatial audio, as Dolby Atmos connects up with DJ mixes on Apple Music, and we hear slightly more dimensional sounds from both one DJ plus music from the Boiler Room.

The update is one that has gone live this week, seeing 15 mixes from the London-based Boiler Room built for playback in Dolby Atmos, while another DJ, Jeff Mills, preps a playlist for Dolby Atmos, as well.

Boiler Room mixes on Apple Music's spatial audio.

Hearing the Atmos renditions of dance tracks will differ based on the headphones and platform you’re using, though.

For instance, if you use Apple Music on an iPhone without an Apple or Beats pair, you’ll only get Atmos in the spatial rendition that works on every pair of headphones, and is much the same on Android’s version of Atmos, as well.

However, if you’re using Apple Music on an iDevice with a pair of AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or even the Beats Fit Pro, your headphones will support head tracking on Atmos, which means the sound will change slightly as you move your head.

In fact, if you have Apple Music on an Apple TV connected to an Atmos soundbar, it’s a similar experience, but it’s happening all around you, so moving your head changes that experience slightly, as well.

That approach could deliver a more club-like experience for folks not going, but for all listeners, it’s just one more way music streaming is trying to change the sound beyond merely adding new music, and is live on Apple Music now.

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