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Apple marks September 7 US, Sep 8 AU for iPhone 14

It’s almost spring, which means it’s almost time for a new iPhone range. And Apple even has a date for when we can expect to see something, with the first week of September it.

Here’s an obvious public service announcement: if you were thinking now was the right time to buy a new iPhone, maybe don’t. Just wait.

Wait for a moment and a beat and a half, because come September 8 in Australia, there could be a very different iPhone range on the way, and it will likely push the price of the current iPhone 13 range down.

Largely as expected and confirming rumours of a September 7 announcement date, Apple has this week said that an event is indeed happening, with the early hours of September 8 in Australia the time when keen individuals can see what’s happening, and a few hours later for everyone else.

The Apple keynote will kick off at 3AM AEST on September 8, which is 10AM on September 7 in California. What can we expect?

What’s expected from Apple in September?

The obvious expectation from the September Apple announcement is a new range of iPhone models, as we jump from the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 14.

That’s more or less the expectation from the event, with a four new models of iPhone, possibly without an iPhone 13 Mini replacement.

The smaller model might be skipped this time, as Apple could focus on a big model for budgets, providing both a regular sized iPhone and a larger model in both the standard iPhone 14 and the more expensive “Pro” variation.

We’re expecting new cameras, new chips, and maybe improvements to the screen, especially where the notch is concerned, possibly becoming a small hole for the camera, similar to what most Androids offer. It is entirely possible (but unlikely) that Apple will go under the screen for a camera, much like what we saw on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and what Oppo has been working on for quite some time.

There’s also the likelihood of at least one new Apple Watch variant at the September launch, given there’s a new watchOS on the way, and rumours have been pretty rampant about a larger variation of the Apple Watch more made for extreme sports.

Given those expectations, we’d say the September 7/8 Apple announcement is likely going to be for the iPhone 14 plus a Series 8 Apple Watch.

What do we expect from Apple later in the year?

Apple AirPods Pro review

It’s also unlikely that the September Apple event will be the only Apple event for the year.

The AirPods Pro are now three years old, so if they don’t pop up at the September 7 announcement, they’ll probably pop up at one in October or November.

The same is true for the iPad Pro, which is expected to get an update to an M2 iPad model, while the standard iPad could see a change, as well. Yearly changes for the entry-level iPad are fairly normal, and a move to USB-C could be on the cards, given the eventual requirement for USB Type C to be the required charging port in Europe.

As for what exactly happens, it’s only weeks away, so stay tuned. We’ll let you know when we know.

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