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Samsung Galaxy Fold variations from Samsung Developer Conference 2019

Samsung’s pocket foldable could see release in February

It’s not just Motorola that’s looking at pockets for a foldable flip phone, as what could be a new Samsung sees a leak ahead of release.

There’s little secret that Samsung is working on another foldable or two, because while the Galaxy Fold was the first of the foldable phones for Samsung, not only will it be a year old from its first announcement in the coming weeks, but it’s also been hinted that the company is developing something new.

Motorola may have shown the first of the folding phones that folds smaller, but Samsung demonstrated last year that it, too, was going to have skin in that game, as well.

And ahead of Samsung’s Unpacked phone launch next week, the rumours have been flying.

We know there’s a Galaxy S20 or three being announced, with the current rumours suggesting the next Galaxy phone not to be the Galaxy S11, but rather the Galaxy S20, jumping in numbers to match the year and to keep the Galaxy phone out of parity from where Apple’s phones are currently named.

Alongside the suggestion of three models of S20, Samsung is also expected to show off a model that would provide a big screen like the Galaxy Note 10, but made with a folding display that could fold in half to make it smaller.

This week, there seems to be some proof of this with something called the “Galaxy Z Flip”, leaked on Twitter by Ben Geskin.

While this doesn’t provide official confirmation, the small video of the phone opening and closing does look pretty solid, and if true, suggests Motorola won’t be alone in its pocketable folding screen flip phone for very long.

Given the February 24 release date of Motorola’s own 2020 Razr, we suspect Samsung would push for release as quickly as possible, pricing competitively given the $2699 local price tag of the 2020 Moto Razr.

We’ll let you know when we have confirmed details of what those are, but right now, stay tuned, because next week is going to be pretty interesting.

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