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Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Rumours ramp up for the Galaxy S20

Several cameras. A big screen. A tiny camera at the front and centre. 5G. These are all some of the ideas that could well be coming to a Galaxy near you.

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the first crop of 2020 phones to arrive, the good news is you won’t have to wait long. While Mobile World Congress in Spain usually signals the beginning of the new phone season, Samsung is beating the lot to the punch with its own 2020 launch event in just a couple of weeks.

Samsung Unpacked is kicking off in San Francisco on February 11, which is February 12 Australian time, and it will provide a glimpse as to what we can expect from phones this year. The launch of the Galaxy range will sets the benchmark for what phone makers have to beat for the year, and even provides a glance as to what the Galaxy Note range will have for features later in the year, as well.

But while the launch of that new phone or three is only weeks away, the leaks are also coming out in abundance, spoiling some of the surprise.

In fact, it seems like mobile makers can’t actually avoid the leaks these days, with the internet more or less showing off what can be expected from those new phones ahead of time.

So what will the next Galaxy likely look like?

Twitter users Ice Universe and Evan Blass have been talking up the rumours for a couple of months, with the current feeling seeing Samsung launching three models of S20, and all possibly in 5G.

Four camera setups are likely for the premium models in the lineup, what will possibly be an S20+ and an S20 Ultra, the latter of which should see that 108 megapixel camera sensor Samsung worked on with Xiaomi, and initially saw release by Xiaomi late last year.

You can expect some big screens and big processor performance, too, with Australia likely getting a new variant of Samsung’s Exynos processor in the Galaxy S20 phones, while American models will see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip.

The rumours currently suggest the screen will be a big feature, too, with the support of a 120Hz screen refresh rate to clear things up, particularly in mobile gaming.

And as for that name, even though we should be expecting a Samsung Galaxy S11, the expectation is Samsung will jump to the “S20” name for two reasons:

  1. We’re in the year 2020, so it fits in with things nicely, and
  2. It won’t seem like the Galaxy S11 is a year behind the availability of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max, which have been out since September 2019

Release and prices are a bit up in the air, though the current mood and sentiment is that these things won’t be cheap, possibly seeing a Galaxy S20 hitting well into the $2000, pushing hard for a premium phone, something we’ve spoken to Vertical Hold’s Alex Kidman about.

However the good news is that we won’t have to wait long for the confirmation of these details, and release of other bits and pieces, with that February 11 US / February 12 Australia announcement not far away. Here’s hoping we get a few surprises, and possibly a new take on a foldable phone. After all, it wouldn’t be an unpacked without something new to unpack and take away.

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