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Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Samsung’s next Galaxy S set to launch February

Samsung looks to start the 2020 range of phones before Mobile World Congress, with new gear announced in early February.

Even though late February is typically the time to see new gear from phone brands, launched at Mobile World Congress in Spain, Samsung appears keen to get in before everyone else this year.

Samsung did that in 2019, too, but only barely. In 2020, however, the launch of the company’s first half flagship phones are going to see an announcement a good week or two before Mobile World Congress in Spain, effectively giving the company its own stage to show off new phones.

This week, Samsung has announced that its Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event will kick off in San Francisco on February 11, and that it “will shape the next decade of mobile experiences”.

Given we’re at the start of 2020, the use of the word “decade” isn’t a huge shock, though it does raise the possibility that we’ll see something so impressive that it could change how we view phones.

Samsung has included a teaser video, as it so often does, and it uses evolving shapes for each “a” in the word “galaxy”, eventually forming a softened square, though one its side. While this could be a play on changing shape, it could also imply the form will be a big part of the design, which given Samsung’s work in the Galaxy Fold release last year may mean something connected to foldables, too.

One thing’s for sure: Samsung will definitely need to step up its game for the 2020 range, as phone brands are getting mighty, mighty impressive, as indicated by Pickr’s 2019 Best Phones, of which only one Samsung phone made it into, the Galaxy Note10+, our best big screened phoned of 2019.

However if you were looking at buying a Samsung Galaxy S10 model phone now, you might just want to wait. One month isn’t long to find out quite what’s coming, and the wait could just net you a better phone in the process, or a Galaxy S10 at a slightly less exy price.

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