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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

No new iPhone this week, but expect an event in October

There’s a bit of a sad face for folks expecting a new iPhone this September, because while it’s been the case for the past few years, you may be waiting a little longer.

This week saw an Apple event, but it wasn’t necessarily what everyone wanted, or maybe even what was expected, because of what September often means for Apple.

September is often the time for Apple to talk about two of its gadgets that go hand in hand, the iPhone and the Apple Watch. But this week, we only saw one of those. What gives?

There’s no rush, but October could be right

Anyone who wants an iPhone now can clearly go and grab one, but if you’re thinking of spending over a thousand on an Apple phone, waiting might be your best bet.

While Apple has already had one awesomesauce iPhone in 2020, it was one that looked after the mid-range more than anyone looking for the best of the best.

If you’re not keen on spending flagship dollars, the 2020 iPhone SE offers up a solid deal, made up of iPhone 11 hardware in the body of an iPhone 8 complete and with the camera of an iPhone XR. That might come across like a bit of a mixture, but it’s one that serves up success, even if its market is clearly focused out of the high-end, below the dollar figures of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

If you want to spend on Apple’s best of the best, you’re so close to a new iPhone, waiting is one of the better recommendations, because October is the expected time frame for those.

It’s no secret 2020 has been a little strange, but thanks to international manufacturers closing temporarily due to the coronavirus earlier in the year, some things are running behind, and the iPhone is likely one of them.

Apple said its phones would likely be late at an investor earnings call earlier, and while Apple’s event invites are known to come with a clue or two about what’s coming, the “Time Flies” wording felt more like it was focused on the watch, while the art lines of the Apple logo on the iPad.

Can you see the hint of an Apple Watch and iPad in this invite?

And that’s what the event held in store this past week, suggesting something else is coming.

So October seems very possible for the iPhone 12, and all the models in the range. But why October?

One last event for Apple for the year

It’s not unusual for Apple to put on events to close out the year, but an October event makes some sense for the 2020 iPhone.

October gives Apple just enough time to get in for the holiday season, and while November could well be a totally valid time, the double launch of the new Xbox console as well as the PlayStation 5 will see Apple vying for those keen to spend, and spend big.

Apple’s phones have been getting more and more exy in recent years, and while it’s possible Apple could calm those prices just a little — such as how the new iPad announced this week was lower priced than last year — it’s also possible new advances plus more models could keep those iPhone prices relatively high.

Right now, the folks at Cupertino are the only ones that know quite what those prices will look like, and when the new iPhone will see an announcement. If you’ve been holding out all year for a new iPhone, you can probably hold out for just a little longer, as you’ll likely get something very new, likely with the new design language and A14 chip found in this week’s iPad Air.

Our guess is October 13 or 20, so if you’re waiting, maybe temper those expectations until just about then.

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