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Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

PS5 coming to Australia from $599, November 12

There will be two ways to jump into Sony’s latest PlayStation 5, and they’ll start with the digital-only disc-less model for near $600.

It might seem crazy that we’re in the back half of the year, but as the year starts to wind down, it’s time to focus on what’s coming, and what has been anticipated for much of the year.

Simply put, it’s video games, as the next generation of the console war heats up and kicks off soon, thanks to the two upcoming new systems from Microsoft and Sony.

A big part of this will come down to pricing and availability dates, with Microsoft already unleashing what that was just last week, announcing the local price for its digital-only Xbox Series S at $499, while the flagship Xbox Series X will cost $749 locally when they land on November 10.

And Sony is next, this week announcing the price of both PS5 consoles set to arrive, as the PlayStation 5 digital edition without the Blu-ray drive is set to a local price tag of $599.95, while the PlayStation 5 standard with the Blu-ray drive will add $150 to the price, getting a 4K Ultra Blu-ray drive-equipped PS5 for $749.95.

There’s also the matter of a date, with Australia getting the PS5 the same date as the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea, with a date of November 12. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will see the PlayStation 5 a week later on November 19.

Already, Amazon has chimed in to say that the PlayStation 5 has been added to its system, though isn’t in pre-order yet, and that will be coming. We suspect Amazon will be just the first, with both electronics and video game retailers going to pre-orders as the months wear on.

For now, start saving, because if you want both new video game consoles this year, you’ll need a minimum of $1100, and that’s before you get to the issue of games.

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