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Logitech takes its MX 3 mouse to go

Your trackpad might feel like it’s enough, but if you fancy a more Mighty Mouse when you’re away from home, Logitech’s latest mini mouse might be it.

There is such a thing as a bad mouse experience, and if you have a less-than-fantastic mouse in your laptop, you probably know it all too well.

The simple truth about mice is they’re not all created equal, even if they all look a little the same. Some mice are responsive and fast, and offer a surprising amount of control, while others are slow, clumsy, and make feel like you’re running your finger over a slippery oil sludge that desperately needs to be cleaned up. A great mouse is great, but a weak one can make you wish there was something you could do about it, or throw your laptop out of a window, whichever comes first.

External mice can fix that dilemma pretty quickly, but a full-sized hand-friendly mouse is better at a desk, not on the road to go. So what happens when you need to replace a trackpad and you’re going to be away from home?

You might want to turn to a mobile mouse, with these sized for a smaller hand, but also more a backpack.

These can be found all over the place, but a recent arrival from Logitech looks to upgrade mobile mouse with similar technology from its big brother, the MX Master 3, similar being the operative word.

The new mouse is the MX Anywhere 3, and is a mouse that can work on pretty much any surface, ideal if you’re not quite sure where you’re going to be placing your laptop, and features the MagSpeed wheel Logitech’s MX range relies on, letting you jump between the notched ratchet mode and the hyper fast scroll wheel mode.

Like its big brother, it also features a couple of extra buttons on the side, complete with custom profiles and shortcuts for applications, but it won’t get a second scroll wheel like the MX Master 3.

However Logitech has left in the support to jump across multiple computers regardless of whether they’re Windows or Mac (both!), a featured added in the MX Master 2 and one of our favourite mouse features overall. It even charges over USB Type C like its big brother, too.

“MX Anywhere 3, the latest addition to the premium MX family of products, is purpose-built for creating, making and doing at the speed of thought so you can master whatever you need,” said Delphine Donne-Crock, General Manager of Creativity and Productivity for Logitech.

“Designed to enhance your workflow anytime and anywhere you need to be productive, MX Anywhere 3 is comfortable and fits well for smaller hand sizes,” she said.

Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3 will be available both in a Windows edition and a Mac-focused MX Anywhere 3 for Mac, though both should be compatible with either operating system, and should be arriving online and in stores for $129.95 right about now.

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