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Apple MacBook Air (2018)

Apple’s 2019 Developer Conference set for early June

Not sure what the year looks like for macOS, iOS, and keen to see a new computer or two? There’s a good chance you will in June.

There’s not just one major event coming for Apple, but now two.

It’s only March, but as expected, Apple has announced that its next developer conference will be happening a few months from now on June 3 to June 7 in San Jose, which means that if you’re expecting new features for Apple’s operating systems, you’ll likely find out what they are there.

One of the biggest changes that is likely coming is the convergence of Apple’s iOS apps to macOS, a move that started last year in macOS Mojave with apps like News, Stocks, and Voice Memos, but this year is expected to be a little more expansive, providing the programming tools needed to let developers convert their iOS apps to run on macOS, as well. That’s a move that should make macOS offer more applications in total, including smaller apps and games, and possibly synchronising the information as you jump from one device to the other.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, or “WWDC” as it’s coming to be known, doesn’t usually just show off the software that runs on Apple’s devices, but sometimes glimpses changes to hardware as well.

Last year, the announcements were mostly software, but in 2017, we saw the Apple HomePod announced, as well as updates to the iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro, and it’s highly possibly we’ll see something of the sort this year, too.

We’ll know when WWDC 2019 starts on June 3, which will actually be June 4 for Australians. Until then, we have another Apple event to get through, which should tide you over for Apple news in the mean time.

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