Apple to launch new gear, TV service March 26

At the end of March, you can expect something new from Apple. In fact, from the sound of things, you can expect more than one thing, with a service expected alongside a few other possibilities.

If you’re thinking of buying an iPad — the standard 9.7 inch model — you might just want to hold your horses.

Apple has announced that an event is taking place on March 25 California time, which means the morning of March 26 in Australia might have a few new Apple devices ready to make their way to store shelves.

The end of March announcement is fairly typical for Apple to announce its 9.7 inch iPad, and just like it did last year, we’re half expecting something new there, however, there’s a possibility for something else, too.

We’ve heard rumours of an updated iPad Mini, a model Apple has left in the product range despite not being updated for several years, as well as the possibility of a new generation of Apple’s wireless AirPods complete with wireless charging.

But these won’t likely be the only big announcement Apple has on that day in March.

In fact, the majority of the event is expected to be about a streaming service Apple has been working on. Much like how Disney will soon have its own to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Stan, Apple has reportedly been working on its own competitor with its own shows.

That means you can expect some exclusives, with talk of major actors and directors working on projects for Apple. Armed with some pretty major star power, Apple could have a winner here, similar to what it made in its Music service, which is putting up a pretty big fight to the likes of Spotify.

As to what the service will entail and how much it will cost, we suspect that’s something Apple will unveil at its event late March. Stay tuned.

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