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Uniden offers security to detect human heat, not sunlight

Protecting your home with security cameras that can be tracked by your phone is fantastic, but all those false positives can burn the experience. And that’s where Uniden is hoping is has a fix.

It seems crazy, but one of the flaws of setting up a secure home can leave you a little hot under the collar once you’ve experienced enough of it.

Security cameras offer one of the best ways to monitor and safe guard your home and its belongings, allowing you to keep guard over that habitat you love so dearly, but they’re not perfect. Often after installation, you find the cameras being triggered for things that in this day and age you’d hope an algorithm would be able to get around.

If you have to login to find your camera has been triggered to capture and act on things like

  • Moving trees
  • Birds
  • Shadows, or
  • Sunlight

…you can find yourself struggling to trust the hardware, and it might just make you give up on the technology.

Uniden is hoping its latest technology can alleviate some of these concerns, updating its Guardian App Cam Solo security cameras with a thermal sensor.

The newly released addition is called the App Cam Solo+, a model that updates the tech inside to include a rechargeable battery, and improves the included smart heat sensor to work out the difference between things that have life and release heat like a human, compared with things that don’t, such as a curtain or tree branch.

We’re assured by Uniden that this means its Guardian App Cam Solo+ camera won’t be triggered by sunlight and will respond just from heat sources, and Uniden says this technology — which it calls “Thermo Sense” — has been included to make its motion detection system more reliable.
With this on-board, Uniden has included the same technology from the existing generation, with a Full HD video capture that can be uploaded to the cloud or stored to microSD, as well as including a microphone and speaker for two-way communication.

With light important for the Thermo Sense tech, Uniden is keeping things in topic with an optional Uniden solar charger, keeping the camera topped up with power for a while to come.

Night vision support is also there, working for up to ten metres, while the cameras work wirelessly and are weatherproof, certified with an IP65 rating and capable of surviving most Australian weather.

Like all other security cameras, though, it doesn’t appear to be compatible with the other security cameras you can find, meaning if you have some by Netgear, D-Link, or Nest, you can’t add Uniden’s App Cam Solo+ and expect it to just nestle in nicely using the same app.

If you have Uniden’s existing cameras, that’s a different story, though, as these will play nicely.

However, if you’re starting fresh, Uniden’s App Cam Solo+ should be able to monitor your home, starting from $279.95 for a single camera. Different variations of the camera packs will be made available as well, stretching to a two, three, and four pack, and starting from $499.95 at stores across the country.

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