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Ring’s digital doorbell goes Full HD with Ring 2, Ring Pro

Not home? No worries, because with the latest Ring digital doorbell, a Full HD video call with anyone at the door is an app away.The smart home is coming, and it begins with the things you can change. Take the smart speaker, because you can easily add that, giving you someone to speak to that can search the internet simply by listening to your voice.And what about smart security cameras? There are quite a few of those around, paying attention to your home, and recording and uploading the happenings to the cloud so…

Nest arrives in Australia with cameras, not thermostats

Our homes are getting smarter, and that's thanks to smart cameras, smart plugs, and smart everything else. One more company has rocked up in Australia, and while it's an original, its original smart thermostat is not part of the package.A part of Google's "Alphabet" company is arriving in Australia this week, and the news is good if you happen to like cameras, and less good if you were perhaps hoping for the original product the company made that put them on the map.Specifically, it’s Nest, a company that made its…

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