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Pickr 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone owners

Know someone who loves their iPhone and has no plans of ever switching? There are definitely gifts that will suit them to an “i”.

iPhone cases

Price: from $40

It might not seem like much, but a new iPhone case can help an iPhone owner adopt a new style, or just give extra features to their phone.

If an iPhone case has a stand, the iPhone becomes like a portable TV, standing on a desk by itself. If it has a card wallet, their phone might just replace their real wallet, especially given how so many banks support payment through Apple Pay.

Or you just might want to give that iPhone owner you know a premium look and feel, such as a leather look that makes them stand out.

There are plenty of case brands to check out, be it Bellroy, Belkin, EFM, Tech21, Otterbox, Lifeproof, and more. Take a gander and see what looks nice.

Apple Smart Battery Case

iPhone 11 Smart Battery case on the iPhone XR

Price: $199

Alternatively, you might want to consider one of Apple’s cases, and if you’re thinking about special features, you may want to look at the Smart Battery Case.

A unique case, this one not only adds a bit of a hump to the back of an iPhone, but a bigger battery, too, retaining the wireless charging capability of the newer iPhones, and even adding something else.

The iPhone 11 model — which also works with the iPhone XR — brings with it a camera shutter button, providing one more button to take pictures with.

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Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charger

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger for iPhone and Apple Watch

Price: $250

A stand made for iPhone owners, the BoostUp Wireless Charger supports both an Apple Watch and modern iPhones, allowing you to stand the iPhone up and keep the Watch charged in the same device.

If you have something else you need to charge alongside, the BoostUp features a USB port on the back, allowing you you to charge three devices at once.

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Apple Watch Series 3

Price: from $319

If that person you’re buying for loves their iPhone, but hasn’t found an Apple Watch works on their wrist, it might be time to make the jump.

One of the better smartwatches, the Series 3 is water resistant and sports GPS connectivity, but has larger bezels than the Series 4 released last year.

It’s still an Apple Watch, that said, and one that comes in at a fairly cost-effective price.

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Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

Price: from $649

Alternatively, there’s this year’s Apple Watch, offering slimmer bezels, an always-on mode, more speed, and a built-in compass.

It’s also the newest model and comes in a titanium finish, though don’t expect that variant to come cheaply.

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Apple HomePod

Price: $499

Apple’s take on the smart speaker, the HomePod is a pretty speaker that sounds amazing, but can only be set up with an Apple device.

It means if you’re looking for a great speaker to give to an iPhone owner, the HomePod is it, producing a solid sound with excellent volume, though it only works with Apple Music.

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Amazon Echo Show 5

Price: $79

It’s worth finding out whether that person you’re buying for has Apple Music or Spotify, because if they have the latter, you might want to consider an Amazon Echo instead.

The Echo Show is another type of smart speaker, but it’s one made by Amazon, and features a small 5 inch screen in it, too.

Stick it on your nightstand or desk, and it will work as an alarm clock or digital photo frame, but it will work with both Spotify and Apple Music, as well as Amazon’s own take on the service.

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Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro review

Price: $399

Apple released two pairs of earphones this year, and while one was a minor update, the other was a seriously solid change.

The Apple AirPods Pro wireless in-earphones are the company’s first attempt not just of noise cancelling earphones, but of in-earphones, too. It’s a take that works incredibly well, but performs best with an iPhone or iPad.

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Beats Solo Pro

Beats Solo Pro

Price: $430

Alternatively, there’s a pair of headphones made by Apple’s other brand, Beats.

A little bit different, the Beats Solo Pro are on-ear headphones that sound fantastic and offer noise cancellation, complete with some direct integration with iOS.

Not everyone will like the aesthetics, but if you’re buying for someone who’s happy with the look and feel of a pair of Beats, there’s a good chance they’ll be happy with the Solo Pro headphones.

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iTunes card

Price: from $25

A simple present but an easy one, an iTunes gift card gives iPhone owners the ability to get what they want, whether it’s music, movies, apps, games, in-app purchases, or even a subscription to one of Apple’s services, such as Apple Arcade.

It might seem a little unimaginative, but at least you can find them anywhere, and if you’re struggling to find something for an iPhone owner you know, this might be the last thing you think of.

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