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iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery case

Apple’s iPhone 11 battery cases bring juice in a thick case

If you don’t mind the latest iPhones getting a little fatter, there could be some more battery life in the pipeline.

Even though the iPhone 11 Pro Max can hit a good day and a half of battery life, there are always hopes for more. The iPhone 11 Pro is a little smaller, while the iPhone 11 sits in between for size, and battery limits could always have just a little more juice in the tank.

In fact, depending on how often you use your phone, there’s a good chance you’re still sitting near a power port, a plug, a battery back, or a wireless charger, or even a combination of the lot, and that’s because it provides more of that precious charge.

The latest iPhone should give you an extended lease on life for smartphone usage, but it won’t always do it, and so you might want to turn to options that can help stave off the time needed to make it back to a USB port.

If you have one of those new iPhones and need a little bit more juice, Apple may have the answer in some extended battery pack cases. The gadget is available for all three variants from this year, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and while they provide a case for the phone, they also bring with a bit of a hump and trunk, thanks to the inclusion of a battery.

iPhone Smart Battery case

The thickness is something you’ll definitely notice, and any chance to throw the iPhone case into your pants will see more protrusion, thanks to that bottom section expanding rather a lot like two phones smushed together, though Apple has included some things.

For starters, the case appears to support wireless charging, which means you can keep on wirelessly charging an iPhone with it, and there’s also a new button.

While you retain access to the power and volume buttons, Apple has added a new trigger for the camera on the right side, giving you the ability to fire the camera when in the app, or hold down the button to jump right into the camera mode.

iPhone Smart Battery case

It’s a feature that almost turns the iPhone battery case into a camera grip — almost! — and has us recalling designs like the camera case that Nokia made for the Nokia 1020 way back in the day. Similar to that model, there’s a noticeable hump to the design, and something you’ll definitely feel in your pocket.

However battery is the point of this one, and if you’re feeling like the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max aren’t just cutting it for you the Apple Smart Battery Case for the iPhone aims to offer up to 50 percent more battery life at a cost of $199.

You’ll find it in Apple stores and other places you can find iPhones now across the country.

iPhone Smart Battery case

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