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Epson’s big new printer cuts down on size, price

Sometimes the best gift you can think of is a properly homemade photo of the family, especially if your family has a new member. To that end, Epson's latest lets you go big without spending up a fortune.The world of printers isn't necessarily the most popular in the world, what with our world going mostly digital and less print outs needed.However, we still need art, and we still want photos on the wall, and if you're after a way of doing that on a bigger scale -- and by bigger, we mean "bigger than the standard A4…

Scanners return: Epson’s new flagship arrives locally

Digital cameras may be the way of the world -- you know, because they're in practically everything -- but some people still have film, and still need to scan it in. Whether for archival or on-going professional use, the scanner still has its users, and now they have something new to look forward to.