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Epson brings 4K projection close to $2K

A big image for the cinema-at-home could be on the cards for more Aussies, as Epson gets a 4K projector to a little over $2000 locally.

The economy might well be making things more expensive, but if you’ve been trying to work out how to upgrade the home living room with a seriously big picture, it might be time to consider (or reconsider) the home projector.

Big screens are definitely big, but a projector can make a big screen largely appear out of nothing. Focus on a wall, a sheet, or even a screen, and the big screen is there, even if you don’t normally have the room or even the wallet to handle a properly big screen.

While the past might have seen you nab a 4K model only if you have excess funds, these days the price of technology is trickling down, and Epson might just have one focused on buyers keen to spend less than $3K for the privilege of a massive screen.

Launching this month in Australia is the Epson EH-TW6250, a 4K projector that uses a 3LCD chip technology and a dedicated HDR processor to deliver a bright 4K Ultra HD picture in a size measuring up to as big as 12 metres. There’s a good chance you’ll hit a more comfortable size closer to 2 or 3, but as big as 12 is apparently possible with this model, which translates to 500 inches for the folks looking for a comparison to TV sizes.

Epson’s use of 4K is a little different here, opting to use a pixel shift technology to double a Full HD panel. That should render a look of 4K, which is the point of what Epson has built, and do it in a relatively affordable projector.

While some 4K projectors can hit closer to the $4K mark, Epson’s approach sees the TW6250 priced at $2099 locally, heading to stores across Australia now.

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