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Epson shines laser light on 4K projectors at home

Replicating the big screen at home doesn’t always need a pitch black room, as Epson delivers laser to the world of 4K… provided you have the funds.

Building a cinema at home doesn’t just need to be reserved for people with an extra room, some great seats, and a large screen, plus some neat furnishings and lighting. While very little recreates the experience of watching a movie at the theatre, having the right gear can let you do just that, setting yourself up with decent sound and visual technology to make it happen.

A recent gadget from Epson could just bring that to life in more homes, provided those homes have the funds to back it up.

Its latest push in the world of home theatre comes in the form of a laser projector, a technology that uses laser light to project an image without needing quite as much darkness as standard projectors.

Laser projectors have become a bit of a norm in the home theatre world, and when matched to a specific screen and equipped with a TV tuner, they’re also called laser TVs, but you can still get laser projectors that are just projectors without that extra stuff, and Epson has a newbie this week.

Added to its laser projector range, which includes the 720p Epson EF-100 we checked out a few years ago, the latest is the EH-LS12000B, a 4K Ultra HD laser projector boasting up to 20,000 hours for its laser light source, plus support for HDR.

Aside for the 4K picture and laser source, Epson is including a lens shift technology that supports a little more range for pitch correction than you might expect, with up to 96 percent plus or minus vertical range and up to 47 percent on the horizontal, effectively using a motorised lens to compensate for position. In short, the Epson LS12000B shouldn’t need to sit directly in front of a screen to get a good position, which bodes well if you don’t plan on mounting the projector directly in front.

All of this won’t come cheap, however, with the Epson EH-LS12000B 4K laser projector set to fetch $8999 in Australia, available now at select retailers across the country.

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