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Epson adds more short-throw, laser light projection

The bright output of laser light is being partnered with a very short projection distance for Epson’s latest projector for the home.

A movie cinema is still the best place to go to get a big screen experience, but what if you could have one closer?

You probably don’t have the spare warehouse-sized room to throw a big picture in, but if you have a wall or a screen, you may not need to. Find a wall in the living room or even the outside, and then a spare power port, and you could get the screen part sorted very, very quickly.

There’s no shortage of projectors to make this happen, but Epson has two more that won’t require a long distance to get it going.

The latest pair rely on the brightness of laser light and offer 4K with a short throw distance, providing support for an eARC port to let you plug in soundbars if need be, but also including built-in sound, as well.

Google’s Android TV is built in, as well, with three-chip LCD tech for colour and clarity, and differences in sizes. In the Epson EH-LS650, there’s up to 120 inches close to a wall, while the EH-LS800 supersizes that to 150 inches maximum and supports up to 120Hz for Full HD 1080p with more brightness, too.

Both rely on laser light and short throw distances, but also come with very different prices, with the EH-LS650 set for $3999 in Australia, while the Epson LS800 is priced at $5699 locally and in select stores now.

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