The next generation of media isn't just Ultra HD in 4K, it's Ultra HD in 8K, too. Find out about what 8K Ultra HD is, and the latest 8K TVs, 8K cameras, 8K media, and everything else 8K.

The Wrap – Virtual IFA: Computers, TVs, & Phones

The Wrap – Guess What’s Coming

It’s October, and the tech news hasn't stopped. What’s coming left on the cards? We’ll talk new iPhones, the next generation of gaming consoles, and what’s happening in sound, all in five minutes.

The Wrap – A SciFi Now

The Wrap – A SciFi Now

It’s 2020 and there’s no flying cars, so where are they? And is 8K more than a dream, plus how is TV changing to become more social? All in five minutes.

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