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LG set to improve QNED with upgrades to slimness, AI

Not expected until April or May, LG’s updates to its Mini-LED quantum dot screens will take advantage of AI to improve image quality, while also cutting back on thickness.

CES 2024 is just around the corner, and with it a bunch of technology news, most of which will be around the second week of January. Before that, however, and LG is doing its regular trick of previewing what we can expect, something it tends to do before anyone else and does so yearly.

We’ve already heard about its updates to OLED gaming monitors, so what else is coming? It turns out more in the world of screens, but less so with OLED.

While we’re sure an LG OLED TV news update is on the way, one area LG is sure to change is its QNED TVs, with a combination of quantum dot and Mini-LED across the range, though some will miss out on the latter and likely confuse the jargon even more.

LG has at least previewed what we can expect across the 2024 QNED range, and it boils down to upgrades in AI, sound, and thickness.

On the side of AI, a category we already know will be a big trend this year, LG is unleashing its new a8 processor which increases the speed of its AI processing technologies, which will use deep learning to understand and break down the differences between people, faces, objects, and backgrounds to improve the picture quality, while a tone mapping technology will seek to understand the brightest and darkest areas of an image and improve them accordingly, as well.

In short, LG’s use of AI in 2024 aims to bolster image quality considerably, and it’s not the only place that’ll happen.

AI will also work on the sound side of things, with a virtual 9.1.2 3D surround sound system creating a wide psychoacoustic soundstage that may not rival a proper Dolby Atmos setup, but may also sound a lot better than conventional two channel stereo speakers. Maybe maybe.

The other major point LG is talking up for the 2024 QNED range is design, with models that offer a slim profile of 29mm (2.9cm), making them slightly slimmer and easier on the eyes.

That won’t be all we can expect, mind you, with LG also set to provide updates to webOS for select older TV, something the company hasn’t always been known to be great at, while its new Mini-LED QNED90 will have support for a million shades of grey improving the contrast.

You can expect a ride range of display sizes on the way, with LG talking up sizes from 43 inches up to as big as 98 inches, though no prices have been announced for the Australian market just yet.

As with most things CES, the announcement is meant to tell the world, but local availability will come with a spot of news later. As usual, we’ll let you know if and when that happens, as we always do.

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