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Samsung launches more QLED with AI aplenty in 2024

It’s not just LG or Hisense with new TVs, as Samsung showcases what we can expect to see this year.

As expected, CES is very much the place to be if you’re interested in TVs, with news from the regular makers, even if Sony is missing in action this year, though it could still release sets later on.

However, Samsung wasn’t missing from the list of announcements, showcasing what we can expect for the year, which will cover the company’s quantum dot mini-LED tech Neo QLED, plus improvements to AI that will make the image processing better.

The focus in 2024 appears to be on that tech trend we’re hearing so much about, AI, with Samsung’s use of artificial intelligence all about upscaling, sharpening, and depth, all of which is a similar vibe to what LG is working on with its AI improvements for TVs.

While the Samsung Neo QLED range will cover 4K and 8K, the 8K UHD TVs will use Samsung’s NQ8 AI Gen3 chip for the upscaling of content and depth improvements, while a motion enhancer technology will be leveraged with the help of AI in sports, something Samsung says can use a ball detection model.

It’ll come encased in a screen measuring 12.9mm thin, a design Samsung calls “Infinity Air”. There are also changes to audio technologies in the sets, with improvements to audio synchronisation in Q-Symphony and an AI-boosting audio technology, too.

Samsung hasn’t talked about the diversity of the range incredibly, though we’re expecting models of LED TVs that cover with Mini-LED and without, plus the standard LED-backlit variety in the company’s entry-level range, which in 2023 was the CU TVs and may end up being something more like a DU-named set this year.

However, it did announce more OLED models were on the way including a 77 inch option, running Samsung OLED from 42 to 83 inches, while Samsung’s lifestyle TVs also return, including a new model of The Premiere projector in 8K that’ll support wireless connections, a 2nd-gen version of The Freestyle projector with support for blending the image of two Freestyle models for bigger pictures, and an update to The Frame art TV with more artworks and a matched picture frame called the “Music Frame” not unlike IKEA’s Symfonisk speaker, except with the ability to showcase your own artworks.

As with all CES announcements, though, pricing isn’t something made available for Australians, so instead you can just expect these products to be properly launched in the coming months.

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