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Logitech boosts webcams with 4K smarts in MX Brio

The WFH webcam may never be the same, as Logitech improves the hardware for sharper visuals, better sound, and more.

Working from home meant so many of us became used to using our laptop webcams for meetings and collaboration, but they didn’t always deliver the same experience.

You’ll know this only too well if your Google Meets and WebEx and Zoom chats included often darker-than-preferred semi-pixelated imagery that just didn’t do you justice, even if it definitely worked. Webcams definitely didn’t have our full attention as laptop features before Covid, and these days with WFH still firmly in play, for many of us, they do to an extent.

In fairness to manufacturers, webcam hardware is getting better, but if you can’t wait and would prefer an update, there is tech trickling out.

We’ve seen high-grade gear from the likes of Jabra as well as an EPOS webcam, and you can even use a dedicated camera or an iPhone as a webcam should you need to.

Logitech is also getting in on the area with some high-end camera tech, coming in a new entry to its high-end peripheral brand known as “MX”.

You can already find the MX Keys keyboards and MX Master mice, and shortly you’ll also be able to find the MX Brio, a webcam sporting an Ultra HD 4K resolution with an 8.3 megapixel sensor, larger pixels with more light pick-up, and improvements to the clarity, as well.

The hardware also includes two beam-forming mics and a privacy shutter, while a “Show Mode” will let you quickly tilt the webcam down to show your desk, which depending on what that looks like may not be a feature everyone will use.

However, the camera itself does aim to improve what you already use, and will support software tweaks, too, just like the rest of the MX range of gear.

It won’t necessarily be inexpensive, that said, carrying a price of $329.95 when it launches later this month.

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