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Belkin readies a MagSafe mount for an iPhone to be a camera

The next version of macOS will come with a feature to let you turn an iPhone into a webcam, but how do you mount your phone to your screen? Turns out Belkin has something for that.

If you’re not a fan of the camera on your laptop, and you’re always a little fuzzy during those WFH Zoom or Google Meet sessions, you might get an upgrade soon courtesy of a macOS update. Provided you’re using both an iPhone and a recent Mac, you may find your iPhone have its camera connect to your machine by way of macOS Ventura’s “Continuity Camera” feature, upgrading your webcam in an instant.

But even though the upcoming macOS Ventura update will make this possible, it may lead to another question: just how do you setup an iPhone on a computer?

You could get a stand and hope it doesn’t fall, or one of the many MagSafe charging stands, but they tend to angle the phone and its cameras away from you, so what then?

Belkin is hoping it has an answer in the form of a MagSafe clip, simply called the “iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac”, a simple clip designed to rest on the edge of either your laptop screen or external monitor, all while holding a recent iPhone in position using the magnetic rings built inside the phone.

Those magnetic rings are normally there for charging on a stand, or even for clipping one of Apple’s MagSafe wallet accessories, but Belkin’s mount would be used for holding a model iPhone from the 12 range or higher, including this year’s iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models, resting it against a laptop screen in either the horizontal landscape or vertical portrait position.

Set to be priced at $44.95, it could just make for an inexpensive webcam upgrade provided you already have a compatible iPhone and Mac, though we’d check if you have both of those, plus the update to macOS Ventura before going out and getting one of these. It’ll be coming soon to Australian stores and online, with a second model also on the way for desktops and external monitors, as well.

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