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Satechi preps a super 200W GaN power supply

Power hungry devices are about to get a power hungry pack to choose from, as Satechi throws a massive amount of power in one place.

Power supplies are one of those accessories and peripherals every laptop needs, but thanks to the take-up of USB Type C connector — and the universal nature of it rolling out in places like Europe — anyone can get a power supply that charges up their phone, tablet, headphone, and even laptop quite easily.

In fact, depending on just how much power you actually need, you may be able to get one that handles a few of those devices at once. The more ports and the more power you need, the more you may be able to pack into a portable power pack, which is great news for those of us who have plenty of devices.

If that is you, however, Satechi may have the mother of all power packs on the way in 2023, as it readies a 200 watt 6-port charger using the Gallium Nitride “GaN” technology that allows more power to run cooler inside a smaller size.

For the folks playing along at home who mightn’t recall GaN as well as we can, Gallium Nitride started popping up in 2020 has a replacement for the standard silicon charging tech that power packs normally arrive with.

Smaller in design but packing just as much power, GaN packs can offer more power in a smaller space, meaning the standard 30W MacBook Air charger can drop in size significantly, while the 67W of the larger MacBook Pro can also be smaller and deliver two ports.

With the upcoming Satechi 200W USB-C GaN charger, it’s the same logic, but spread out over six ports and offering heaps of power. We’re not sure we’ve seen a number over 165W in a GaN charger before, making this one an interesting solution when it arrives later in the year.

It won’t be alone, either. Satechi is reportedly working on two variations of a Hub to extend USB C ports and Thunderbolt 4 ports, while also working on a USB 4 solid-state enclosure you can fill yourself.

While external storage is typically made for you, Satechi’s upcoming NVMe SSD Pro Enclosure will let you encase M2 NVMe solid-state sticks of storage in its design, and use it as a form of backup storage.

That’s a difference from what we’ve seen from Satechi’s SSD upgrade slots in the past, which were incompatible with M2 storage, despite it being the more common and current type of memory.

There’s no word on pricing for any of these yet, but Satechi’s local representatives suggest these should all be arriving in Australia later this year.

Satechi’s upcoming SSD enclosure will reportedly work with the more commonly found M2 NVMe SSD you can find anywhere. So that’s nice.
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