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Samsung’s 2023 QLED arrives in massive 98 inch Q80C

Big screens don’t have to be projectors on a wall, as Samsung delivers a massive quantum dot screen for today, though you’ll need a fair chunk of change to try it.

We’re not yet at the point where TVs are walls, but we are gradually making our way there, it seems.

While Samsung’s micro-LED concept of “The Wall” is still very much in the territory of “if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it”, the price of big TVs that may as well be walls are gradually coming down, with the latest fetching a little over $10K if you did have to ask.

This year, Samsung’s QLED range is adding one of those, as July in Australia sees the launch of the 98 inch Q80C, a model that just fits in below the even more expensive 98 inch QN90A model, getting many of the high-end features of its sibling, but without the $20K price tag that model comes with.

Twenty grand is a lot of money for a TV, and so with that in mind, Samsung’s 98 inch Q80C will command a $11,649 price tag instead, getting the metal-enhanced quantum dot technology Samsung’s screens are known for, though there’s none of the mini-LED technology found in Samsung’s high-end models, one of the main reasons Samsung calls its new screens a “Neo QLED”.

Depending on what you’re after, that may not matter, with support for AI to enhance the picture, Quantum HDR+ technology, and support for Dolby Atmos and object sound tracking, as well.

Ultimately, it’s a big picture being offered with support for 4K in a massive screen, and one that sees support for Samsung’s smart TV features, including its Xbox-connected Gaming Hub.

The 98 inch Q80C will still fetch a fairly hefty price, thanks in part to that massive size.

Getting a big QLED screen isn’t going to cheap, and it’s much the same with a big screen of any major technology at the moment.

As such, Samsung’s 98 inch Q80C will cost $11649 when it hits retail this week, though does manage to be less expensive than the mini-LED equipped 98 inch QN90A, which was one of 2021’s models effectively supersized and still manages to sell for $19,999 locally. Yikes.

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