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Samsung brings massive Micro LED TVs to Aussies with big wallets

If the biggest TV still isn’t big enough for you, and you find yourself needing a wall, better reach into deep pockets as Micro LED officially launches locally.

There are big TVs, and then there are truly big TVs. When most people want a TV bigger than 100 inches, they typically turn to a projector. It’s what most cinemas use, and for good reason: they stretch and provide a massive picture against a wall, often with a screen designed to provide the best projected experience.

But that’s not the only method for getting a big screen that’s out there, and something we saw a few years ago at CES and has been hinted at repeatedly through the years is finally seeing launch in Australia, though you’ll need a pretty hefty wallet if you want to play.

The concept is called “Micro LED”, and while the idea might seem small, the result is anything but. Micro LED uses modular blocks of millions of small LEDs, and when they all come together, they can form a much bigger TV. We’re talking as small as 89 inches and as large as 292, which in turn translates to a whopping 7.4 metres diagonally.

Samsung initially announced the technology back in 2019, and we saw it produce some pretty stunning examples of modular TV and screen designs in person back in 2020. Last year, Samsung noted it was bringing the technology to Australia, and this year, it’s finally happening for consumers with deep pockets, announced at the end of this week.

Samsung Micro LED

“As the market leader in TV for more than 16 years, Samsung continues to redefine the role of the TV and digital display in the home and the experiences that these products can deliver,” said Jeremy Senior, Vice President for Samsung’s Consumer Division in Australia.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Samsung Micro LED to our residential customers in 2022,” he said.

What Samsung hasn’t mention is the price, and good luck finding it on the Samsung Australia website, either. Rather, there’s an email address for anyone interested, because that’s all that’s being offered at this time.

Very much in the camp of “if you have to ask”, Micro LED is said to cost a minimum of $80K USD for the 89 inch version, and it will get very expensive from there.

With no official pricing for the Australian Micro LED release and some hefty overseas quotes, you can only imagine how expensive this release will be, meaning if you’re genuinely considering having the biggest TV wall in Australia, we hope you don’t balk at high prices, because that’s all this one will come with.

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