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Oppo’s A78 5G gets 5G, 50 megapixels to $359

The cost of 5G is well under the $500 mark. With Oppo’s latest, 5G might not even be the big drawcard, but a big camera, too.

The high-end of phones may well be an area many folks look at, but there’s more going on in categories under where the big money is. In fact, if you don’t need every bell and whistle, under the $500 mark has quite a bit going for it, as well.

There’s plenty happening down at this price point, and Oppo has recently added another option with some big looking cameras on the back.

The latest addition to the range is the Oppo A78 5G, yet another of its A-series phones made for budget to mid-range buyers, with a similar look to the back of its Reno models from last year. You’ll find two cameras here, pairing a 50 megapixel main camera to a 2 megapixel depth camera, with some software enhancement also allowing you to stretch that 50 megapixel to 108 megapixel if needed, though it’s not quite a real 108 like we first in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and more just an upscale.

For many, the 50 megapixels should be more than enough, and it’s not the only big feature the handset gets.

There’s also a 6.56 inch display that is unfortunately HD+ only, but also fortunately a 90Hz display, making for slightly slicker screen viewing than a standard 60Hz smartphone screen.

It also comes with 5G and a 5000mAh battery, with a super-fast wired charging capable of handling 33W, making it possible for that big 5000mAh battery to be charged fully in just over an hour.

“The A78 5G is Oppo’s latest entry-level game changer,” said Michael Tran, Managing Director for Oppo in Australia.

“We’ve designed a device that seamlessly combines cutting-edge hardware and software to provide Australians with a phone that’s as reliable as it is stylish,” he said.

“At Oppo, we believe that technology should be accessible to all, and the A78 5G is our latest contribution to that mission,” he said.

The price definitely focuses on that logic, with an outright price seeing the A78 5G hitting Australian stores for $359.

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