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Apple Music to let you find something new in Discovery

Is your music feeling a little long in the tooth? Apple is adding a Discovery section to fix that.

Australians may have lost access to Pandora some time ago, but that doesn’t mean finding music has to be difficult.

Music services tend to provide their own means of discovery, what with playlists generated over at Spotify, radio replacement elements on pretty much every music platform, and the sheer number of curated playlist options available, as well.

But while all of these are typically based on what you listen to and may include songs that you have, what if you want to hear something you haven’t?

We haven’t quite replaced Pandora’s Music Genome Project in that way, a service that could help you discover many a song, but Apple might have something that has appeared all of a sudden: a “Discovery Station”.

The idea is just that, built for discovery, with a sampling of tracks you mightn’t have heard of appearing in a gradually loaded playlist much like the Apple Music stations made just for you.

There’s not a lot of information about this short of what other journalists are saying, but it has rolled out in Australia and the world, working on both the iOS 17 public beta and the current stable version of macOS Ventura 13.5, suggesting it should be live on both current stable and beta releases for Apple Music subscribers.

If that includes you, the new Discovery feed could be one more way to experience something new, and might be Apple Music’s first line of defence against an upcoming TikTok music platform possibly built for discovery, as well.

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