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TikTok to test music streaming with Aussie experiment

There’s another music service on the way, and if you’re someone who checks out TikTok daily, it could be made for you.

Music services don’t come along every day, and these days, most people rely on a popular few. Spotify and Apple Music likely take the lion’s share, with YouTube Music and Tidal fighting it out for space underneath, plus a few smaller services outside of these as well.

Additions to the selection of music services are rare, but they do sometimes pop up, and there looks to be another on the way in the very near future, though it’s from an unlikely source.

While you might know the name “TikTok” for the social video service and app on your phone, TikTok is about to play in a space sans visuals: music.

TikTok’s owner ByteDance has launched a music service connecting with its video platform in Brazil and Indonesia in recent weeks, and now it looks as though Australia could be next, as it launches the TikTok Music app on the Apple and Google App Stores, running the service and app in testing with select members. Sadly, that means if you want to try TikTok Music, you might need to wait as the service is bringing people into the fold gradually as opposed to opening the doors and letting everyone give it a go.

That could happen soon, though. TikTok Music’s launch overseas is still fresh, and tests can go quickly, so it’s quite possible all Australians could see access granted quite soon.

As to what they’ll get, TikTok promises a way to find new and emerging artists, real-time lyrics, and music synchronised to TikTok account. We wouldn’t be surprised if TikTok ended up using a version of its video-finding algorithm for music discovery, which could end up delivering yet another way to source new music, acting almost like a modern radio platform.

Like the other music services, TikTok Music does appear to be one that will cost money, skipping on Spotify’s free ad-supported service available in Australia. However, the app’s art does suggest a three month trial, which could be enough for people to decide whether they want to switch to TikTok Music or stick with what they know.

Mind you, with the doors still closed for most Australians, and indeed most of the rest of the world, it seems as though there’s plenty of time before we all get to that point. For now, keep on listening with what you have. We’ll let you know when TikTok Music is open to more than just the select few.

Expect lyrics on the TikTok Music service.
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