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Apple adds yet more games to its Arcade service

Subscribers to both Apple Arcade and Apple One (which includes Arcade) now have even more to choose from.

Idle time can lead to video games, but finding a game to fill that idle time can also mean spending money. That’s not always true, mind you, especially if you have a subscription to a gaming service.

Over on the Xbox, you’ll find a gaming service with a heap of games and cloud gaming on other devices via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, while Sony’s PS Plus variations offer the lots of games without the cloud gaming in our country, something Australians miss out on.

Mobile gamers can get a slice of the all-you-can-play gaming buffet, as well, but it’s a little different on each device.

On Android, there’s Google Play Pass and its assortment of apps and games, while Apple offers Apple Arcade which is just games focused.

Back when it launched in 2019, we reviewed it as a cure for inflight boredom, and since then, it has grown by quite a bit, adding games regularly with sizeable injections every couple of years. There are exclusives and then oldies complete with all the DLC, resulting in a “plus” game, which is to say it’s the original “plus” everything else, so you don’t need to spend more.

This week, there seems to be more of both of those — originals and plus games — as Apple adds 20 games coming to the service, amounting to over 200 games on the platform.

The new titles include a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, a Disney-branded Scrabble-ish title “Spellstruck”, plus the SimCity-esque game “Cityscapes: Sim Builder” and a crazy driving game by the creators of “What The Golf” called “What The Car”.

And if you have kids, there’s also “Disney Colouring World+” for the plus-games, joining the Crayola title on the platform already. That last one is already enjoyed by many a child, including the child of this writer and reviewer.

“Apple Arcade brings together hundreds of fun titles in one gaming destination for our users to discover and enjoy,” said Alex Rofman, Senior Director of Apple Arcade at Apple.

“Today’s launch boosts our award-winning catalogue with 20 new games people will love playing and sharing with their friends and families,” he said.

There’s also a classic in the form of “Limbo+”, a creepy game that has punished this player and plenty of others, plus a whole bunch of other titles, many of which work across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple TV, thanks to Apple Arcade running across the line-up.

Not every title is guaranteed to work outside of the iPhone and iPad, from what we understand, but with over 200 titles to choose from, you’re likely going to find quite a few that do.

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