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Tidal to let DJs go live and cue music for friends

Looking to show off your music curation skills? There’s a music service that’ll let you do just that, but only for a few to begin with.

If you’re someone who likes to share music choices, the next party you decide to do some casual mixing at mightn’t need folks to actually come and dance at your home. That is provided you’re a Tidal member, it seems, as the streaming service dabbles with a new feature that will let subscribers attempt to play DJ and share their lists live with others.

It’s a feature coming that’ll let members of Tidal’s priciest service “HiFi Plus” name a live DJ session, and then let them play “DJ”, even if it’s not quite actually being a DJ. That’s in addition to the lossless catalogue available for subscribers on HiFi Plus.

Tidal already offers a DJ service for mixers to let them use the Tidal catalogue for actual mixing, but this isn’t that. Rather, it appears to be more like Apple’s sharing feature on iOS that allows people to share what they’re doing.

With Tidal’s approach, the “what they’re doing” appears to be listening to music with specific playlists modified and played live. It’s like being a DJ on a radio, and less like being a DJ at a party, but the main difference appears to be anyone will be able to listen in provided they’re a Tidal subscriber, though at present, only DJ’s with the iOS app on Tidal’s HiFi Plus access will be able to share and play DJ.

Aside for being a feature in testing, it’s also one that is US-only at present, so if you are thinking of sharing music with friends in Australia, there’s always the option of cueing up tracks and sharing on other services, such as YouTube.

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