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Samsung notes February 10 for S22

…and there we go, as Samsung’s first major phone of the year is marked for announcement in early February. What can you look forward to?

The year has barely begun, but we can already look towards another phone being launched, with rumours for the next Galaxy heating up, and only just after Samsung announced and released its “fan edition” S21.

But you might want to push that phone to the back of your mind, because there’s another model on the horizon, as Samsung prepares to announce its next flagship, the S22, which we already know a few things about ahead of launch, namely what it will come with inside and out.

Not wanting to ruin a surprise, Samsung has already let the cat out of the bag on its graphical capabilities, with an AMD graphics chip similar to what’s in consoles under the hood, not to mention support for both types of 5G, sub-6 and mmWave, something only the Pixel 6 Pro received last year.

Recently, Samsung also hinted very heavily that the next Galaxy flagship would come with a notable inclusion, with the likely return of a built-in S-Pen, something the previous Galaxy Note models received, but not the Galaxy S models in the first half of the year. Now that we’ve moved to foldable phone releases from Samsung in the back half and the regular flagships in the beginning of the year, it’s probably safe to say that the Note and the Galaxy S can be merged for the first half of the year, with all the foldable developments in the back half.

And since it’s the beginning of the year, those announcements are expected, well, now. So much so that Samsung has a launch date for the new phone, with the S22 set for the early hours of February 10 in Australia, or February 9 at 10AM EST in America.

One of the only features we don’t know about is being hinted in the YouTube teaser below, which suggests a greatly improved camera able to capture the night, something we’re keen to see.

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