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Oppo, Hasselblad connect for next phone cameras

We’ve got a good feeling about the next phone camera from Oppo, because while the last model was pretty good, Oppo has teamed up with a legend.

Two months into the new year, the new season of phones is properly underway. There are three new Samsung models heading to store shelves, and we suspect that’s just the start, with Mobile World Congress slated for the end of February with plenty more phone goodness expected.

Of particular interest will be what Oppo has in store, with a follow-up to the Find X3 Pro flagship possibly in the X5 Pro if Oppo has a bout of tetraphobia and skips the number four, or the Find X4 Pro if it doesn’t.

While we can expect a big screen and some solid 5G chops from the new phone, a great camera is also on the cards, and not just from Oppo’s R&D division, it seems. Rather, Oppo has teamed up with a camera legend, as Hasselblad makes its way back into mobile phone cameras.

It has been some time since we saw the legendary cameras house Hasselblad pop up in mobile devices, with the last possibly being in the Moto Mods from Motorola, which offered a mod to turn an Android phone into a Hasselblad-branded camera of sorts.

Since then, we’ve seen other camera brands become connected with mobile companies, such as Zeiss glass being used by Nokia while also collaborating with Vivo for the X60 Pro, while Leica was famously incorporated into Huawei’s P-series and Mate phones, producing some real winners over the years, including the Mate 9, the P20 Pro, and the P30 Pro.

Just how Oppo plans to make use of its Hasselblad collaboration, we’re not entirely sure. But with MWC 2022 not far away, we suspect we’ll find out quite soon.

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