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Amazon kicks off Prime Day subscriber sales with free PC games

Subscriber’s to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon’s “Prime” delivery service are likely waking up to a couple of days of sales, but there’s also the occasional freebie, too.

Getting prepared for the holiday shopping season is something some of us do, and it’s why getting an alert for a decent sale or two can really get you started.

During the end of financial year, it’s possible to decided to partake in some of what’s out there, but even if you didn’t, there are other sales floating about the place.

Some sales are even timed to match others, such as the Black Friday sales in November Australia is now seeing, despite lacking the connected Thanksgiving holiday period. Locally, Australians can typically expect both the end of financial year sales around now, even after the new financial year has begun, plus the obligatory Boxing Day sales when the holiday season is winding down.

But there appears to be another, thanks mostly to Amazon’s arrival in Australia five years ago.

Amazon’s equivalent to sales is called “Prime Day”, and in 2022, it’s actually a two day event with a long scrolling screen of product sales for folks who subscribe to Amazon’s services, be it the Prime delivery service, or even the Prime Movies service available on TVs and such.

The sale will see discounts on Amazon’s own devices and a bunch of others, covering 30 percent of the recent Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition and other models, 50 percent off its Fire TV sticks, up to 67 percent off Echo smart speakers, and 30 percent off Ring Doorbell models.

Elsewhere on Amazon for Prime Day, discounts can be found for assorted gadgets and other goodies, with discounts on the Beats Studio 3 headphones, Hue smart lights, Ecovacs robotic vacuum cleaners, Twelve South peripherals and accessories, and an assortment of headphones, speakers, monitors, and computers, to name a few things.

However, there’s also the occasional freebie.

Another of Amazon’s less talked about “Prime” services in Australia, Prime Gaming will deliver an assortment of free PC games later today through to tomorrow for Prime subscribers, offering Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Grid Legends, and no less than three Star Wars games, plus a bunch more.

The free titles, labelled as part of “freeloading” on Amazon Prime Games, will be PC only, but if you have one of those, you simply need to log in during the freebie period and add them to your account, we’re told.

Much like the rest of these deals, getting them does require a subscription to Amazon Prime, which currently runs for $6.99 monthly in Australia or $60 for a year. However, there’s also a 30 day trial for the service, so if you’re thinking of grabbing some free games, and maybe a deal or two, you may find you don’t actually need to pay for the service at all, and can cancel before Amazon ends up charging you.

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