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LG brings its classy electric signature wine cellar to Australia

If you have a few drops that you might want to keep at the perfect temperature, LG is moving into wine storage, too.

From storage of food to storage of something to have with food, LG is making a bit of a jump, and potentially giving people who have a lot of wine another gadget they might want to have in their lives. While LG may well be leaving phones, it’s entering another area, offering electronic wine cellars.

It’s a category of gadget we’ve not directly seen from the maker of OLED TVs, but it’s one that will see a premium entry in wine storage, as LG introduces its “Signature” Wine Cellar to Australia. Announced back in 2018, the wine cellar is signature in name because it fits in with its Signature TwinWash laundry machines, its Signature French Door Refrigerator, and the LG Signature ZX 8K OLED TV we saw last year at CES.

Like all three of those, the Signature Wine Cellar is a fairly meaty gadget, offering storage for up to 65 bottles of wine, and allowing you to control what matters for wine storage, with two temperature-controlled shelves and humidity control. The focus here is on providing a shelf-system of sorts that not only lets you easily pull out the drop you want, but also keeps the wine at its best, lest it sour and turn into vinegar in the wrong conditions.

However LG is also bringing over some features from its fridges, including a translucent door that can become transparent with two knocks to the glass, letting you peek inside without needing to open the door and change the environmental conditions for the wine. The glass door is also built to protect the bottles from heat and ultraviolet light, which can affect the wines, as well.

And beneath the wine storage, there’s even an extra storage drawer that can be used as either an extension on the fridge, or with a freezer for other important items to be served. That might be for meat at a BBQ, or maybe the ever-important inclusion of cheese alongside the wine.

The result is an electronic wine cellar made to accompany a fridge, though one that attracts a bit of a hefty price, found at $8999 in Australia. It should be available now, with the LG Signature Wine Cellar found across The Good Guys and Harvey Norman across the country.

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