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LG ZX 88 inch 8K OLED TV (CES 2020)

LG’s 8K OLED TV is already a CES favourite

Need a clue to where to future is going? Look no further than CES, with 8K one of the year’s most exciting trends, and LG’s 8K OLED delivering something breathtaking.

Even after small beginnings last year — and by small, we mean “limited release” and certainly not “price” — 8K looks set to be a big deal this year. While you might have only seen one or three 8K options at your local electronics store in 2019, in 2020, expect that number to double or triple, as 8K becomes a real tangible thing.

We’ve already heard from numerous manufacturers that the lack of content will be addressed somewhat by YouTube’s adoption of an 8K friendly standard, and that’s just one side of things, because TV quality is another.

This year, however, TVs aren’t as impressive as what LG has presented at its booth during CES 2020, with the 88 inch ZX, a crazy big mammoth of a screen that can suck you into the vortex of 8K awesomeness.

The ridonkulous size notwithstanding, LG’s delivery of what is one of the clearest, sharpest, and most vibrant panels has to be seen to be believed, with what is definitely one of the nicest displays this journalist has ever seen.

LG ZX 88 inch 8K OLED TV (CES 2020)

It’s big, yes, and it will definitely be expensive, too. But we haven’t yet seen an OLED screen look quite this good, and we could stand in front of it for hours.

Sitting atop a stand that delivers a masterfully minimalist manner, the LG ZX OLED TV appears built for living rooms with plenty of space, though there is sound deceptively built into its sleek and spacious design.

And while the LG ZX OLED TV isn’t the only 8K TV the company has to show, it is the one that will draw the most looks, like gazing into a portal to another world.

LG won’t be the only 8K provider, mind you, and we’ve already seen both Sony’s and Samsung’s thus far, however LG seems to have the one to beat. Samsung’s Q950 offers practically zero bezels in a very future friendly design, while Sony’s relies on a neat stand for sound, but from our eyes-on, LG seems to have the upper hand right now.

Leigh Stark was flown to CES 2020 in Las Vegas, USA as a guest of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

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