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Dynaudio adds a few audiophile options for HiFi, TV

Denmark’s Dynaudio has a few new speakers, and depending on whether you want to listen to music or watch the telly, there’s a choice in there for you. Provided you don’t mind spending up.

Even though a soundbar can make all the difference for many living rooms, some people may want a little more.

Whether it’s a bigger sound for their music in stereo or a bigger sound for films, there’s always the option for bringing bigger speakers to the table, or even to a bookshelf or stand or two.

Alongside its truly wireless collaborative efforts, Danish loudspeaker maker Dynaudio has been making inroads into that over the past few years, and this year has a few more on the way in the “Emit” range, with two models for a stand or bookshelf — the Emit 10 and the Emit 20 — while a centre-channel Emit 25C handles surround’s front, and with two floorstand models in bigger sizes with the Emit 30 and Emit 50.

Dynaudio Emit 20

The smaller the number, the smaller the speaker, though each uses the tweeter from Dynaudio’s Evoke range, as well as bass and mid-range drivers and woofers based on what’s in the Evoke range. There’s a combination of materials here, with the tweeter magnet made from strontium carbonate ferrite+ ceramic alongside an aluminium coil, while the drivers and woofers use similar materials, as well.

The Emit speakers are encased in fibreboard painted in black, white and walnut, and priced from $1199 locally depending on the model.

Much like the sizes, the bigger the number, the higher the price goes, with the exception of the centre-channel Emit 25c, which chimes in at $799 for a centre channel speaker specifically.

You’ll want an amp or receiver along for the side — because you can’t plug these into a soundbar — but if you have one, you’ll find the Dynaudio Emit speakers in select stores across Australia.

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