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Dynaudio takes off stands, goes in-wall with range

Loudspeakers typically sit on stands, but Danish sound maker Dynaudio has a plan to get speakers using that wall space instead.

Depending on how much you value your home decor and furniture, you might find the idea of a good sound system a little too much. The biggest speakers tend to need a little bit of space, thanks in part to the stands that hold them up.

Stands for larger speakers may not fit in with every home, and so generally you might want to find a compromise. That compromise might be to switch to a different speaker or even to play furniture Tetris while you sort out where things go in the home.

But if you don’t mind getting a little bit of building sorted, you might be able to embed a speaker in the wall, taking advantage of the structures in your home to place the sound.

Of course, this will depend on who makes the speakers you want in the first place, but there is at least one more brand doing that now, as Danish audio house Dynaudio add to its range with in-wall speakers and a sub, even including a fire-resistant box.

The range was launched this month at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association expo in the US, the CEDIA show where sound brands typically talk up what’s coming.

And what’s coming from Dynaudio is a custom range designed to allow high-end speakers to be thrown into the wall, including speakers with 6.5 inch woofers, 8 inch woofers, and soft-dome tweeters.

The range runs pricing from $549 to the $699 mark depending on what you’re looking for, and there’s even a metal back box that can be mounted to the speakers built to be fire-proof for an hour. It won’t protect the house from a fire, but it should provide some time to deal with a fire using this optional extra.

Dynaudio also has a custom subwoofer made for the wall, allowing the bass to be installed outside of the little box in the corner of the room. It’s a little more expensive, with the Dynaudio Custom Sub RCC fetching a price of $1899.

Installing is the part that may not be quite as easy as reading about or even considering the speakers, because you’ll likely want to talk to a speaker installer. However if you’re thinking of making the furniture dilemma disappear with a speaker option, these could certainly provide a starting point, even if they’re hardly unobtrusive.

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