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Campfire’s latest in-ear monitors glow for a price

Not a fan of having the same style earphones as everyone else? There’s a pair of IEMs that glow. Literally.

We’re fans of the Apple AirPods Pro, and while there are a few other options that aren’t those earphones that rock equally as well, some prefer something else entirely. Something different.

There’s no shortage of earphones choices out there, for sure, but if you’re after something noticeably different, particularly if you’re planning to wear them at night or in the dark, Campfire Audio might have a pair or two suited to showing you have something different.

That is, provided you have some relatively deep pockets.

Campfire Mammoth in the dark.

Priced for the audiophile world — because that’s primarily what Campfire Audio caters to — the company is releasing a couple of new in-ear monitors to join its others that arrive with accents that glow in the dark, including elements on the case, the logo on the earphones, and the plastic moulding where the cable connects to the 3.5mm and the MMCX connector to each earpiece.

The glowing additions are coming in both the Holocene and Mammoth in-ear monitors from Campfire, with the former offering three balanced armature drivers in each covering highs, mids, and lows, but also a $949 price tag, while the latter — the Mammoth — uses two balanced armature drivers for highs and mids alongside a 10mm bio-cellulose dynamic driver to cover the bottom end of sound. Priced at $799, it’s a different take on IEMs for Campfire’s duo, with a lower price tag.

Campfire Audio Mammoth in the light.

Both of these earphones are wired, though, coming with the MMCX cable to 3.5mm, which may be able to be made wireless using an optional MMCX to Bluetooth adaptor, as the focus is on audiophile sound and that tends to be wired only, beyond a handful of headphones such as the AirPods Max and the Dali IO-6.

Folks looking for Campfire’s glowing earphones will find both the Mammoth and Holocene in select stores across Australia shortly.

Campfire Audio Holocene IEM, which also glows in the dark.
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