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Boost gets an iPhone 8 down to a deal

The iPhone 8 may not be a big deal anymore, but thanks to some refurbished models, it’s a big deal for Boost and Coles.

Apple’s iPhones rarely drop in price, typically waiting until the next model arrives. With each subsequent release, an iPhone comes down in price, until for many it becomes downright affordable.

Unless, of course, Apple releases a model made to be inexpensive, such as it did with last year’s iPhone SE, the reinvention of Apple’s mid-range mobile that basically took the wirelessly charged and water resistant body of the iPhone 8, and stuffed new hardware inside. The iPhone SE was basically an iPhone 8 with the heart of an iPhone 11 and the camera of the iPhone XR, making it a great little phone for well under a grand.

In releasing the iPhone SE, Apple killed off the iPhone 8 for some pretty obvious reasons, but Boost Mobile has found a way to get a few, and has found a pretty solid price point to release the phone, partnering with Coles supermarkets for the privilege.

Specifically, the duo are selling refurbished iPhone 8 models for under $400, with the Boost iPhone 8 locked to Boost’s network for $359, set to be available in Coles from Wednesday.

The phone is the same 64GB iPhone 8 back when it was reviewed back in 2017, with a 12 megapixel rear camera and a water resistance design, but for much lower than the $1079 price it was a few years ago, because times have changed and this is a refurbished model. For Boost, refurbs mean you may find some scratches or light scuffing, but that beyond that, it’s still the way it used to be, essentially providing an inexpensive iPhone, certified to a 72 point check.

The move follows Boost’s previous efforts in releasing older iPhone models for a similarly low pricing, and gets an iPhone 8 in for Boost customers at a budget-friendly price, even if that price moves from $359 to $429 when the Boost promotional period is over. Boost told Pickr the promotional period is over on February 2, essentially giving a week with the sub-$400 price on the iPhone, provided the stock doesn’t run out.

You’ll find it launches at $359 with a $10 Boost SIM on January 27 (tomorrow) in Australia, sticking to that price until February 2 rolls around.

Boost refurbished iPhone 8

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